NASCAR Is Officially Tired Of Kyle Busch, I Can’t Believe They Did This Two Weeks In A Row


Kyle Busch has had a season from hell.

I know we all like to ask about how big of a whiner Kyle Busch is, and he is a big one. But lately, Kyle’s luck has been anything but on his side.

We’ve seen many tantrums thrown by the driver during this season alone. How could we ever forget about the mic “drop” (*throw) after the Coca Cola 600 didn’t end the way he wanted… OR the time he felt cheated from a race, threw a punch at Joey Logano, didn’t cooperate in an interview and eventually made t-shirts from the entire ordeal.


So… maybe he has brought some heat on himself, but lately is seems that Busch has been in a lot of “wrong place, wrong time” circumstances. At first we thought he was being dramatic, but the Joe Gibbs Racing driver has been close to winning multiple aces, only to have it snatched away from him by tire mishaps, or poorly timed restarts.

It could seem as if NASCAR is tired of Kyle Busch. Especially after this past weekend in Michigan, when officials called a debris caution while Busch was in the lead. The yellow flag lasted 5 laps, a lot longer than it probably should have, and when the restart took place, Busch was knocked out of the number one spot by Kyle Larson.

Of course, it’s understandable to think that it was Kyle Busch’s fault, and it probably was, but you still can’t escape the fact that this is kind of a recurring theme this season. Now it’s just a question of whether it’s NASCAR’s doing, or Kyle’s doing.

He’s a talented driver, there’s no doubt about that no matter how much you dislike him. Which makes it a little hard to believe that all of these mishaps are only his doing..

I’d like to know your opinion- what powers are at play, here? 

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