NASCAR Just Caught Joey Logano Cheating Again, What Will His Excuse Be This Time


NASCAR just caught Joey Logano red handed.. This won’t be pretty.

According to Motor Racing Network, NASCAR officials confiscated a suspension part from his car, which will be reviewed and evaluated at the R&D Center in Concord, North Carolina.

During the race on Sunday, Logano’s car began to release large amounts of smoke during lap 174. That immediately sent him to pit road and ultimately the garage.


There, Logano’s team found out that it was indeed the suspension.

If we can remember, Logano’s win was encumbered a few weeks ago in Rich mind after NASCAR found an illegal rear end issue with his car. Now, here we are again with another issue on his team’s part.

Logano didn’t have much to say about the actual problem on hi scar, he was more worried about his team as a whole, sticking together with the entire Team Penske group.

“We have to go back to work and make sure our cars stay together and we have to get faster. All three of our cars were a little off today. I guess Brad is probably the best driver at this race track and I try to learn from him and he was struggling out there with me. It was a humbling day. This race team knows how to do this. All of Team Penske knows how to win races and make cars fast. They do it in a bunch of different series and have been doing it over here for years. We have to stay together. Stay as a team. Keep pushing. If it happens, it happens. Hopefully we can get some speed enough to squeak a win out before the playoffs and get our 22 Shell Pennzoil Ford into the playoffs.”

So does this count as his excuse?? We’re not sure about this.

The need to push things to the limit is understandable, but cheating is an entirely different subject.

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