NASCAR Just Unveiled A SHOCKING Change That Will Have Every Fan Watching This Race


Kevin Harvick will have a lot more fans vouching for him this year than ever before at the All-Star race.

Kevin Harvick is obviously good at what he does, and now it looks like the people who help market him are good at what they do, too. Harvick and the beer company, Anheuser Busch, just announced a HUGE giveaway for the All-Star Race this year.

Fans everywhere are FREAKING OUT because the announcement claimed that if Kevin Harvick wins the All-Star Race, one lucky fan will win $1 million, like Harvick.


Chelsea Phillips, VP of Value Brands at Anheuser Busch, explained that the company, who is sponsoring Harvick, didn’t want to do just a regular sweepstakes. They wanted to take it up a notch.

“We didn’t want to do another run-of-the-mill sweepstakes. We wanted something big – yet relevant to existing brand initiatives.”

This is HUGE. And unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Harvick also released a statement explaining that this sweepstakes has really “upped the ante” for him and his drive to win the race. The stakes are now incredibly high.

“While we want to win every single week, the Busch Bucks million-dollar giveaway definitely ups the ante and adds some serious pressure to the No. 4 team in the All-Star Race. Even though it’s a non-points exhibition race, the stakes are going to be about as high as they can possibly be.”

This is incredibly news for every fan of NASCAR. And honestly I think it will make even more people tune into the race and give it a watch. It’s just too exciting to ignore.

You can have a chance to win if you go to and enroll from now until May 6. If you are picked, you will be invited to sit front row at the All-Star Race while you watch and hope Harvick to win!

This is an amazing opportunity. Don’t miss out! 

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