NASCAR Stopped The Race Midway Through, The Reason Why Left Me Speechless


Last weekend’s race in New Hampshire didn’t go as smooth as everyone hoped.

During the Overton’s 301, we expected to see drivers duke it out in order to earn their way into the playoffs. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case when we got to stage 2 of the race.

NASCAR threw a red flag at the start of Stage 2. The flag was due to a hole that was discovered on the track surface between Turns 3 and 4. When NASCAR issued the red flag, drivers were already under caution and were getting ready to start back up.


The red flag ultimately lasted 5 minutes and 30 seconds. But it wasn’t the first time we’ve seen a race take a red flag because of a pothole.

Daytona 500 was stopped twice to repair a pothole in 2010. And in 2014, the spring race at Dover International Speedway was red-flagged when a piece of concrete broke free on the track.

Interestingly enough, NASCAR had made repairs to the NHMS surface in all four turns Saturday night. Only to find Sunday that the repair didn’t stick between turns 3 and 4.
It was a minor hole, but when cars are going upwards to 200 mph, any small hole can be incredibly detrimental. So it was something they had to fix right away.

After the red flag was over with and the pothole was fixed, the drivers went back at it and battled it out until the end!

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