NASCAR’s New President Is Already Making Big Changes, What Does This Mean For Drivers


The NASCAR community is furious with NASCAR’s new president, just days into his presidency.

If you hadn’t noticed, this past weekend’s race time was a little later than normal. This season, we’ve seen most of the races start around 1pm.

Yesterday however, the Overton’s 301 started at 3pm. Certain drivers and their wives weren’t fans of this time change.

NASCAR’s new president, Brent Dewar, released a statement regarding the reasons for the changes. It all had to do with negotiations between certain companies and NASCAR.

“There were tradeoffs that we needed to make both for broadcast, tracks, teams, etc. We did some later start times this year and some in the industry have not liked that, but it was important to interact with our West Coast audience. Still our largest audience is California, and 1 o’clock starts is too early for them on the West Coast. So we’re trying to find the right balance of that. But yes, I think you’ll see more innovation to make it a win-win for the industry. We will do it together as an industry. It won’t be unilateral on NASCAR’s part.’’

There are more races scheduled for 3pm this season, but they’re all during the playoffs. According to the response on Twitter. It may be interesting!

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