One Day After Announcing Retirement, Carl Edwards Releases A Truth That Shocked Us All


Finally we have heard from Carl Edwards himself about this entire ordeal.

Since yesterday morning, when it was announced that Carl Edwards would not be racing in 2017, we’ve been completely in the dark about it all. We’ve been relying on reporters telling us their best opinion and guesses as to why he’d be retiring, but none of us have known for sure.

The opinions that have been gathered revolve a lot around two things- 1. Carl wants to spend more time with his family. 2. He may have other business endeavors he wants to pursue.

Still it has only been a guessing game as we’ve waited to hear from Carl himself.


Well, that time finally came this morning at a press conference held by Joe Gibbs Racing.

First Edwards officially came out and said he will not race this year, nor did he have any intention of ever returning to full time racing… but told us all that he’s not using the “‘R’ word.” (Retirement.)

“I’m stepping away from full-time driving in the Cup Series. … I don’t have any intention of going back to full-time racing. But I’m not using the ‘R’ word.”

He then explained that there were three reasons as to why he won’t be returning this year and they were all pretty much spot on to all of the speculations made by reporters:

1. He’s satisfied with his career.

2. He wants to devote time to the people in his life.

3.  He wants to stay healthy.

Carl then added on that he really is just wanting to focus on what is truly important to him. And that life is too short to not do what you absolutely love.

“I want to spend time outside the sport on things that are important for me. I really believe it’s the right thing. It’s a personal thing. Life’s short. You’ve got to do what your gut tells you.”

Edwards also repeatedly stated that this was purely a personal decision. He explained that there’s no secret deal with some company, and no hidden intentions. He’s purely doing this for himself and doesn’t really know what he’s going to do next.

So is there more to this story? I honestly couldn’t tell you. Edwards has never been one for secrets, and he was pretty candid during today’s press conference. AND he seemed at peace about it all.

Although this is quite the bummer, we’re wishing for the best for Carl and his family!! 

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