REPORT: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Crashes On Icy Roads, This Is So Scary


NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. was just in a terrifying crash due to icy conditions on the road. I hope everyone is okay.

It was a rough day for NASCAR driver Dale Jr. out on the road in North Carolina. Although he has spent a lot of his life behind the wheel, that was no use to him in these icy road conditions that caused him to crash.

Apparently the driver found himself flying straight into a pine tree because of the scary conditions. This happened right after assisting some fellow North Carolina residents pull their car out of the snow.

Dale Jr. shared the crash news on his social media accounts explaining that he went “punching” into a pine tree. Apparently he was in his truck at the time and that’s how he helped the other folks get their vehicle unstuck.

It wasn’t long after that he was the one sliding into a tree, though. Thankfully, by the sounds of it everyone seems to be okay.

That is everyone except his truck which he says may need a bit of an “alignment.”

NC stay off the roads today/tonight. 5 minutes after helping these folks I center punched a pine tree. All good. Probably just needs a new alignment.

Dale Jr. also shared a photo of him assisting the other North Carolina residents get their car out of the snow. But in the caption is where he revealed that moments after he was the one stuck in the snow against a tree.

Surprisingly enough, he wasn’t the only NASCAR driver to post about having trouble in the snow. Some others posted their cars stuck as well. Thankfully, no reports of anyone being hurt has been made. It’s still so scary though!

You can see Dale Jr’s post below:

Praying for safety for all of those experiencing this cruel weather! Be smart and safe, yall! It’s dangerous out there!

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