REPORT: Danica Patrick Just Shocked Us All With Her Latest Announcement


Danica Patrick just shared news that has us all in shock. I can’t believe that it’s true!

If you’re a NASCAR fan, you know that one of Danica’s sponsors sued her team for more than $30 million. Of course that brought on all the attention, and she didn’t get signed back on.

The driver announced her end of racing in November 2017. After all of the sponsorship problems, her team decided to drop her and it was shocking.

When she made the announcement she agreed to race the Daytona 500 and Indy 500. Now, she just revealed more news that has all of our jaws dropped.

She is going to be going back the the neon green and orange color scheme. Patrick has gone back to her very first sponsor, GoDaddy for her last two races!

It was tough for her to find her ride for the last two races, but it looks like she is going out with a bang! Now, we will just wait around to see if she can go out with a win.

Patrick shared the news in a interview with the Associated Press.

“There’s this great story,” Patrick told the AP. “I left IndyCar with GoDaddy on my car, I started NASCAR with GoDaddy on my car, I’m most recognized as the GoDaddy green car and driver, and so to finish up my career that way feels appropriate.”

For anyone that knows about Patrick, you know that GoDaddy was pretty much the way that Danica’s name became so popular.

You can check out her big announcement in the video below while she interviews with Fox Business. Looks like we all have to wait around to see what fate lies ahead for Patrick during her last two races!

Did you expect GoDaddy to sponsor her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!!!

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