REPORT: Hot NASCAR Couple Announces The End Of Their Relationship, We All Saw This Coming


Famous NASCAR couple just announced the end to their longtime relationship. This is so sad.

It has been a long time coming, five years to be exact. The beautiful Danica Patrick is officially back on the market and fans are freaking out about it.

The NASCAR princess ended her longtime relationship with Ricky Stenhouse Jr. shortly after she was denied contract to race again. Reports suspect that Danica moved forward in ending the relationship because he wouldn’t propose.

Since early 2013, just prior to each of their rookie seasons in NASCAR’s Cup Series, Patrick and Stenhouse have been a public couple, and for the entirety of their relationship, they’d raced for the same teams, in the same cars. Each found difficulties in earning great finishes on the track and Stenhouse brought himself to the foreground with two great wins in the 2017 season. -CR

Honestly, after 5 years I would probably end things too. Danica is going through a lot of changes and we are curious to see what her next steps are going to be for her career.

She recently became the first female in NASCAR history to make 250 combined starts in the three NASCAR national series at the Cam-Am 500 on November 12, 2017. It doesn’t seem like things are slowing her down either.

Danica has been promoting her new book called Pretty Intense. The book will be released on December 26th and is about her health and fitness journey.

She has also continued to post about her yoga journey, which will all love. We have all thought that Danica and Ricky would tie the knot by now, but it looks like they had other plans.

This also has everyone wondering if it had to do with her retirement. Maybe she is over NASCAR and wants to move on to bigger and better things.

It looks like Ricky lost a good one!

Are you happy they broke up?!

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