REPORT: Matt Kenseth Just Made A SHOCKING Admission About His Retirement


Over the past few days, the NASCAR community has ben in an uproar regarding Matt Kenseth and his future. Kenseth started out the 2017 season unsure of what the next few years would bring him.

He announced that his contract was up after the 2017 season, and that there hadn’t been much talk of a contract extension. So, that led us all to believe that maybe he was thinking about retirement.

And then.. Joe Gibbs Racing announced at the beginning of this week that they were going to be holding a press conference to discuss something that was going on with Matt Kenseth. Judging off of what happened last time JGR held a press conference, we were all holding our breaths as we expected to hear those words- Kenseth is retiring.


However, it was just an announcement to share who was going to be Kenneth’s sponsor from here on out. And that turned us all into laughing stocks in Kenseth’s eyes!

In an interview shortly after the press conference on Wednesday, Kenseth explained that so many people were “blowing him up” over the weekend.

“I’m just glad I’m still driving tomorrow. I wasn’t sure after all the reports on the Internet all weekend. People blowing me up during my Easter vacation, so I appreciate that. Whoever didn’t have anything else to do in their basement this weekend.”

And when asked about whether he’d be racing in 2018, he said that it is definitely what he hopes to be doing!

“I mean, I hope so. That’s always my hope. The details of the sponsorship I mostly don’t know. That would have to come from Coach or somebody there. I don’t know any real details except the races they’re on the car this year.”

All in all, Kenseth isn’t going anywhere for a very long time. Which hopefully puts a lot of people’s minds at ease.

Praying that Kenseth will find his way to the track in 2018, and beyond!! 

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