REPORT: One Month After She Ended Her Relationship Danica Patrick Shares SHOCKING News


It has been a little less than a month since Danica Patrick confirmed the end of her and Ricky’s relationship. Now this?! Woah!

If you are a NASCAR fan you know that it has been a long time coming, five years to be exact. The beautiful Danica Patrick announced about a month ago that she had broken up with Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

Well NASCAR fans, don’t get your hopes up because the beautiful driver just announced that she’s already OFF the market again. She has confirmed that she is already in a relationship with Green Bay Packer, Aaron Rodgers. 


The NASCAR princess ended her longtime relationship with Ricky Stenhouse Jr. shortly after she was denied contract to race again. Reports suspect that Danica moved forward in ending the relationship because he wouldn’t propose.

Since early 2013, just prior to each of their rookie seasons in NASCAR’s Cup Series, Patrick and Stenhouse have been a public couple, and for the entirety of their relationship, they’d raced for the same teams, in the same cars. Each found difficulties in earning great finishes on the track and Stenhouse brought himself to the foreground with two great wins in the 2017 season. -CR

Now, it doesn’t seem so much that she was breaking up with Ricky because he would’t propose. I mean it may be part of the reason but it looks like she just found a new man.

Maybe this one will give her the ring like she wants? Let’s be honest, she’s a real catch and five years is just way too long for someone that pretty to be waiting around.

In a recent interview with Associated Press Patrick publicly confirmed the news saying:

“Yes, Aaron and I are dating.”

The 35-year old continued to say that they met at the 2012 ESPY Awards and had remained friends ever since. Now, they are dating.

“I told him a long time ago I’d always root for him as a player.” Patrick said.



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