REPORT: Richard Petty Motorsports Just Called On Carl Edwards, You Won’t Believe His Response


Richard Petty Motorsports just pulled a wild card on us, to say the least!

RPM suffered huge blow this weekend when their sole driver, Aric Almirola, was involved in a fiery crash that ended up fracturing his T5 vertebrae. Word has not been released on how long we will be out for recovery.

That leaves RPM in a sticky situation. They have to find a replacement for an unknown amount of time. So of course, they’ve already been asking around.


One of their biggest options? Well, they thought it was Carl Edwards!

That’s right, Richard Petty Motorsports apparently reached out to Carl Edwards to see if he’d like to replace Almirola for the time being, but unfortunately, Edwards was unavailable to do so.

NASCAR Race Hub Monday night, FOX Sports reporter, Alan Cavanna, reported on the matter and even reached out to Edwards about it.

“The team has yet to say if Aric will be out but here’s one thing we do know… RPM reached out to Carl Edwards asking him to driver the 43 car through Sonoma. I reached out to Carl who text me back just a few minutes ago and said, ‘I’m honored that they asked but I’m not able to do it. The King, Drew (Blickensderfer, crew chief) and Aric are people I respect and I wish them the best. I’m really happy to hear that Aric is going to recover.’”

That’s quite a bummer, we could have witnessed history! However, I’m not sure I’m very surprised of the outcome of that situation.

Again, there has been no word as to how long Almirola will be out recovering, but I pray he takes as long as he needs.

We’re eager to see what RPM comes up with, but most of all we really just wish Aric a speedy and painless recovery.

I hope he recovers fully before he returns to the track.

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