Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Just Shared His TRUE Feelings About Danica Patrick Since The Break Up


Just weeks after their break up Ricky Stenhouse Jr. shares his real feeling about Danica.

The big break up happened just a couple of weeks ago, and now Ricky Jr. is finally opening up about his ex-lover. The two dated for over five years, and she finally pulled the plug.

Although we don’t know exactly the reason for the break up we do know that she is already in a dating relationship with someone else. It obviously didn’t take her long to move on.

What about Ricky Jr. though? He still has all the respect in the world for Danica and just opened up about it for the first time. As you all know Danica’s final race is the  Daytona 500. This will be their first time to see each other since the big split.

He says that no matter what he will always have respect for other racers.

“I try to respect everyone around me, especially at the speedway races,” Stenhouse said, reservedly. “I don’t really want to put anybody in a bad spot because then you put the whole field in a bad spot. I think I’ll go out and race just like I race everybody else and see how it plays out.”

Patrick is really showing off this last race with her old sponsor and a great team supporting her. Ricky Jr. says that there is always a possibility that they could crash into each other, too.

Of course, if this happened it would be drama but the chance is always there!

“Heck, when we first started racing together, we got in crashes anyway. It is what it is. I’ll just go out and race as hard as I can. I plan on putting myself in a position to win the race. If it helps me, I’ll help just like the way I do everybody else out there. If I can help and it’s going to benefit myself, then I will. I try not to help people if it’s only going to benefit them on the race track.”

Finishing his statements on Patrick he shared that he thinks what she is doing is pretty cool. And that he is excited for her and respects what she is doing.

 “I think it’s a cool way to go out if you’re going to retire for someone that’s done the Daytona 500 running NASCAR,” he said. “Running IndyCar, her passion has always been the Indy 500. So I think it’s cool for that to be her last race and to hit the two biggest races of the year, really, in the same year will be pretty cool.”

WOAH! I didn’t expect him to say all of this. I thought he would be salty!

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