Stewart-Haas Racing Has A HUGE Problem, I Can’t Believe He Said This


Stewart Haas may be in trouble judging by the comments this guy made about the future.

Drivers experience many ups and downs with their teams throughout the season. Whether it’s on the track or off the track.

Kurt Busch has had ups and downs throughout many seasons. He has won races here and there, but all in all, he’s not consistent in his success.


Apparently his crew chief, Tony Gibson, agrees with that. In the latest segment of “Tradin’ Paint” on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, Gibson mentioned that the team really needs to get better. I can’t believe he just flat out said that!

“We’ve got to be better as a race team. We don’t feel like we’re running strong enough. (Teammate Clint) Bowyer has been carrying the flag over here at our place, he’s been doing extremely well.’’

He also mentioned that the off-weekend could not have come at a better time. The team was tired and needed downtime, due to not having much success on the track.

“I believe that everybody just needed to catch their breath because so many things had happened, the highs and the lows and they were coming so fast. You just need downtime no matter what. It’s the guys that are winning every weekend and running top five every week that don’t want the break. I felt like we were kind of middle of the road. We had two good weeks, and we had three bad weeks and another good week.”

Now it’s up to the entire team to return this week and give it their all. Gibson also mentioned that the new aero package hasn’t been going well for Kurt, and it’s taking him a lot to get adjusted to it.

But even still, Gibson has faith that the team will get out of the rut that they’re in.

“We know that if at least one of our cars is running good or two of them, we can do it. Our company has the capability of running up front. We’ve just got to find something. This aero balance has been really, really messing with Kurt a little bit. It’s been a different, different program for him. We’ve been in the Ford simulator a lot trying to work on balances and things to do to try to catch up. We are getting better. We’re learning. Went to Texas and had a great race there and a good solid day. I think we learned some things. We’ll try to take this momentum from this last race at Texas and build on that.’’

Wow.. that’s definitely a lot of pressure! We’re interested to see if Kurt and his team can really turn this around! 

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