Stewart-Haas Racing Just Dropped A BOMB


Big things are happening for the the Stewart-Haas Racing team.

In February of 2016, it was announced that Stewart-Haas Racing would be switching Chevy to Ford manufacturer come 2017. That was an announcement that shocked us all.

The entire NASCAR community was wondering what the explanation was behind that choice, and if there were any hard feelings between anyone.

People were especially curious about SHR’s relationship with Hendrick Motorsports, seeing that SHR has a technical alliance with HM. As it turns out, Rick Hendrick and the entire team were completely supportive of SHR’s decision.


Co-owner of SHR, Gene Haas, explained this in a press conference the day they announced SHR was making the switch.

“I don’t think Rick looks at this as a betrayal. I think he (Hendrick) respects the decision we have made. It’s a bottom line, business decision that enhances Stewart-Haas Racing in the future and an opportunity we couldn’t pass up.”

Obviously the executives at Ford are very optimistic about this opportunity. They’re excited to showcase what they got come 2017.

“We believe the addition of Stewart-Haas Racing in 2017 will give our program a major boost in terms of being in contention for both drivers’ and manufacturers’ championships every year. This is just another addition; we’re not eliminating or reducing support to other teams.”

A lot of people were not happy about this decision. Tony Stewart even addressed that in an interview, stating that he understands that some are angry but this opportunity was just too good to pass up!

Still, some fans have been in complete denial of what’s happening. But on January 1st, SHR disregarded any of those opinions as they stuck a new flag out in front of their shop.

What was on that flag? A big Ford emblem of course!

Still there are fans who are angry with SHR. Some are angry because they believe Chevy is what brought SHR up to the caliber that it is today.

Do you agree with this? 

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