Tony Stewart Just Made A SHOCKING Admission About His Retirement


Tony Stewart quit his career as a NASCAR Cup Series driver only to immerse himself fully in dirt track racing.

Not to mention, Tony Stewart is the co-owner of one of the biggest teams in NASCAR. Needless to say he’s kept himself busy. If not more busy than before!

Tony traded his Cup series title for success on dirt tracks.

2015 NASCAR Pocono

Even though Smoke impossibly more busy now than ever, he’s grateful for his retirement from the Cup Series. In an interview this past week after a dirt track race, we heard Tony describing the difference between pre and post retirement.

Basically it can all be summed up into one word- Freedom.

“When I quit my Cup deal, I have a little bit more flexibility in my schedule now. This was something that I just always remember at the fair every year when I was racing go-karts. We got to race at the small track with the go-karts, and the TQs ran the quarter-mile. So I just remember what it meant to me and how big a deal it was to me then.”

We also heard him acknowledge that people have been surprised because we all assume retirement means slowing down, but that was the opposite case for Smoke.

“I think the whole concept is, you’re supposed to slow down a little bit when you retire, and I’m twice as busy now than I was before. But it seems to be a lot more fun when you’re busy doing stuff you want to do versus stuff that you have to do. We’re very busy, but having a lot of fun doing it.”

We’re shocked by this simply because we, too, believed that retirement meant slowing down for Smoke. Regardless, we sure are glad that he’s happy!

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