Tony Stewart Just Slammed NASCAR For What They Just Did, Is This Cheating??


How could we ever expect a season to go by without Tony Stewart expressing his controversial opinion?

Tony Stewart is an iconic voice and face in the world of motorsports. He’s known for many things, and being outspoken is one of those.

Even in his retirement, Smoke continues to be a voice for NASCAR drivers. And this weekend Stewart was pushed over the edge by NASCAR officials.

On Lap 181 of 200 in the race at Michigan International Speedway this past weekend, a debris yellow was called and changed the entire course of the race. The debris was removed very slowly from the track, making it a five-lap caution.

With the new stage format of the races, these long cautions can be incredibly detrimental to a driver’s race. And Tony wants it to come to an end.

Smoke wasn’t the only one to express distaste in the entire ordeal. Dale Jr. also put in his two cents on why the yellow flag cautions are a bad idea.

“I just wish, with the stages, I don’t know why they’ve got to throw so many damn debris yellows. The purpose of having stages was really because the networks want more cautions, more restarts because people tune in when we have a caution. They tune in a for a restart. That’s the whole reason why we have the stages to try to create a little more drama, so I don’t know why we keep throwing the damn debris yellows and stuff.’’

They both have a good point. However, NASCAR fans started bashing Smoke for speaking his mind on the issue.

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However, in true Smoke fashion, Tony directed the haters to the “unfollow” button on his Twitter.


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