The NFL Just Disrespected Cam Newton Again, This Could Get UGLY

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Even when he’s treated poorly he shows class.

All season long, it’s become apparent that there are two different rules for hitting quarterbacks. There are one rule for 31 teams, and another set of rules for Cam Newton.

However, even though his poor reaction was focused on a player who made helmet to helmet contact, Newton was contrite when discussing throwing the football at Redskin linebacker Trent Murphy. “I’ve got to be better than that,” Newton said. “That just can’t happen on my part. I just have to let the referees do their job, and obviously, it was a questionable hit, but I can’t throw the ball at a person.”

The play in question happened near the sideline when Newton attempted to slide after running downfield. The linebacker seemed to make helmet to helmet contact and Newton got up and flipped the ball at him. The refs threw a flag and penalized Newton instead of Murphy who might still be fined for a helmet to helmet hit on a sliding quarterback. While the play happened fast, NFL referees get paid to make calls in real time.

How furious are you that Newton keeps getting pounded without hardly any retribution or protection from the referees?

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