BREAKING: Another Star Player Leaves On Stretcher Monday Night


The injuries continue to mount on Monday night.

The Cincinnati Bengals just saw their defensive leader leave on a stretcher.  Linebacker Vontaze Burfict was hit by wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster on a peel back block.  He tried to get up, but wasn’t able to as he laid on the ground for the medical staff to check him out.

Another star player leaves the football field on a stretcher!

Burfict would leave on a stretcher to get evaluated (via James Rapien).

“Vontaze Burfict is going to leave this game on a cart.  Juju Smith-Schuster had a brutal helmet hit on him.  Juju launched with his head during a peel back block.  Burfict is still down.”

It’s been a brutal game of hits tonight in Cincinnati.  The Bengals and Steelers have seen multiple players exit with injuries.  Most players have been able to return to the game.

Burfict was the second player to leave the field on a stretcher.  Early in the first quarter, the Steelers lost linebacker, Ryan Shazier to a scary injury.  He has left the field to get checked out at the hospital.

Football is a dangerous sport as is, but those kind of hits that Smith-Schuster made are unacceptable.  Not only did he get the unnecessary roughness penalty, but he got the taunting penalty as well.

Yes, Burfict is a very dirty player himself, but no player deserves that kind of injury.  Hopefully it isn’t a major injury.

Crazy night of injuries, but that seems to be the 2017 season!


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