After Weeks Of Rumors About Cam Netwon’s Injured Shoulder, The Truth Comes Out

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers who played Wednesday night looked pretty good in Carolina’s 27-17 win over Houston to open the preseason. But the first question in the latest edition of our Panthers mailbag concerns the biggest name on the roster who didn’t play. These questions all were directed at me from either Twitter or email.

Q. Is it time to hit the panic button on Cam Newton’s shoulder?

A. Absolutely not. However, this question pre-supposes that such a button exists, and it does. It is hidden deep in the Carolina locker room, under a grate in the cold tub.

No, I’m just kidding. But not about the first two words of this answer – what is happening with Cam Newton right now is not being treated as a cause for alarm by anyone. While Newton hasn’t thrown in a live drill since July 30 – when he was pulled from a training camp practice because of what the Panthers described as arm fatigue – on the sideline he has been “soft-tossing” with people with a little more zip each day and not experiencing soreness.

If Wednesday night’s 27-17 preseason victory over Houston had been a real game, I think Newton could have played. If it had been a playoff game, I think there would be a 99 percent chance that he would have played.


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