BREAKING: Luke Kuechley Just Confirmed The News We All Feared

Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers can’t even enjoy their win.

Last season, Carolina faced some injuries but still managed 15 wins and a Super Bowl appearance. This season, quality players have gone down left and right and the team sits at 4-6 with the playoffs far out of reach.

The team got terrible news with Luke Kuechly suffering his second concussion in as many seasons. Last year, he missed three games with a concussion, this year he suffered a severe hit on a Thursday night game and might miss several games.

Kuechly might travel to Pittsburgh this week to meet with a concussion specialist to get a second opinion and see how to proceed with the head trauma. There isn’t any word on how long he’ll be out, but if the team wants to make the playoffs it will need to win the next six games which will be incredibly difficult without Kuechly anchoring the defense. The team will probably also miss Michael Oher who suffered a concussion earlier in the year, so it’s an uphill battle for the rest of the players.

Does Kuechly’s injury signal a time to raise the white flag, or do you think Carolina has enough in the tank to make a real playoff push?

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