REPORT: Cam Newton Surgery Could Cost Him Season

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers 2017 season is already in jeopardy.

It was revealed earlier this month that Cam Newton would undergo shoulder surgery to repair a partially torn rotator cuff. Team officials said that while Cam will miss some offseason workouts, he would be ready for the preseason and regular season.

Well, the Panther fans got terrible news when experts revealed he probably won’t play at close to 100 percent for at least a year. Sports Medicine Analytical Research Team (SMART) and reported that most players who had rotator cuff surgery returned 21 weeks (5 months) later but didn’t return to full performance strength for two years!

Granted, 80 percent of Cam Newton is better than 100 percent of most NFL quarterbacks. But for a team that relies so heavily on its signal caller, especially to operate a grind it out type offense, having him at less than 100 percent is a potential disaster. Some of the research done also suggests that there could be some arm issues, such as weakness, that Newton will wrestle with throughout the season. He will have to run less to protect his health, putting more wear and tear on that surgically repaired arm.

Is this a nightmare, or do you think this is all overblown?

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