REPORT: Panthers Just Got TERRIBLE News On One Of Cam Newton’s Biggest Weapons

Carolina Panthers

Modern technology does not agree with everyone.

Uber, the modern-day taxi service that allows users to order a taxi-like service with their phone is all the rage. There have been several criminal issues involving drivers, but it seems one Panther did not like his service.

Carolina offensive tackle Michael Oher was cited for misdemeanor assault after got into it with an Uber driver in Nashville, TN. The former first round draft pick and movie subject has been ordered to appear in court on May 8 after the incident was reported on April 14.

“We are aware an incident occurred involving Michael,” team spokesman Steven Drummond said. “We have no further comment at this time.” According to ESPN reports, the Uber driver told Nashville police that he picked up Oher and friends on their way to eat and an argument ensued over the route the driver took to get to the restaurant. It does not seem clear who started the fight, although the driver “put his hands towards the suspect’s face.” Oher allegedly kicked the driver while he was down. Oher, who suffered a season-ending concussion last season, will most likely move to right tackle next season after the signing of Matt Kalil.

Is this the kind of behavior you expect from Oher, or do you think his concussion is impacting his decisions?

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