After Weeks Of Waiting, Cam Newton Just Made An EMOTIONAL Announcement

Carolina Panthers

As Cam goes, so go the Panthers.

That’s how it’s been since he was drafted, being the focal point of the team’s success. With this off-season’s surgery, fans, executives and teammates are crossing their fingers daily that Cam’s health will fall in line quickly.

Well, it seems everyone can stop holding their breath because head coach Ron Rivera has announced that Cam Newton will begin throwing next week, ahead of schedule. After shoulder surgery, there was a timeline set for Cam’s health, and all lights have been green for him to begin getting back on the field.

He has surgery in March for a partially torn rotator cuff, and normally wouldn’t have been allowed to throw for 12 weeks, possibly even up to 16 weeks. However, Rivera says Newton will be allowed to throw some during the June 13 – 15 minicamp. They aren’t pushing him too hard, but it’s a great sign. Rivera told reporters “I’m excited about what he’s doing. As we progress into next week, you guys will get a chance to see him.”

Is this a great sign that the Panthers are back on their way to the playoffs, or does he have a lot more to go before fans can have actual hope?

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