10 Smoking Hot Questions: Will Dak Prescott Regress In Year Two As Cowboys QB?

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The Dallas Cowboys waited on a quarterback in 2016 and that wait paid off in a major way.

Dak Prescott has never questioned his ability on the football field, but team after team wondered if he could be the starter for their football team.  At every stage of his football career, it took an injury for him to showcase his talent.  From high school to the college game and eventually in the NFL, Prescott has taken over for an injured quarterback and never looked back.

As a rookie in 2016, Prescott started off slow and safe as it looked as if the Cowboys were going to limit what they allowed their young quarterback to do on the field with the ball.  The play book seemed to begin to expand as the season went along, before he eventually seemed to have complete control of the team and his offense.  There wasn’t a time throughout the season that you would have felt the Cowboys made the wrong decision with Prescott, that safe route might be the most to do with it.

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Prescott finished his rookie season leading his team to an NFC-best 13-3 regular season record, while also having a 5:1 touchdown to interception ratio.  Despite losing to the Green Bay Packers in the divisional round of the playoffs, Prescott proved that he is going to be just fine as the Cowboys quarterback moving forward.  If not for a crazy fluke play, Prescott might have led them all the way back in his first playoff game against one of the game’s best, Aaron Rodgers.

To top it all off, Prescott finished the season as the NFL’s Rookie of the Year.  He beat out his teammate, the NFL’s rushing leader for 2016.  So, what does the reigning Rookie of the Year have for an encore in 2017?  The thought of Prescott getting better might seem tough, but it isn’t out of the question.

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With Elliott getting better in the backfield, and the line in Dallas being one of the best in the league, Prescott has nowhere to go, but up in his abilities.  With his chemistry with his top wide receiver Dez Bryant in that playoff game, it gave fans something special to look forward to.  The success that Prescott had as a rookie was without his top receiving target for many of the games.  Whether it was the lack of chemistry between the two, or the injury to Bryant, Prescott had to rely on the others on the team to help him through his rookie season.  Luckily for him, the so called “others” on this team are Jason Witten and Cole Beasley, two very reliable and talented receivers in their own right.

I think with Dez getting back to that elite level, Elliott continuing his dominance on the ground, and the line in front of him, Prescott has nowhere else to go but up.  Dallas fans should look forward to the future because with Dak under center, you will always have a chance in the game.

What do you expect out of Prescott in year two?

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