The 1992 Cowboys Team Can Beat Any Team With Tom Brady On It

Dallas Cowboys

The NFL has seen many dynasty teams come in and dominate for many years.

To be considered a dynasty, you must dominate your competition for many years.  We aren’t talking about a year or two, this must happen for a minimum of four-to-five years.  The New England Patriots have been this team for the last decade-plus.  When you think of all-time great teams, the Patriots are near the top of that list.

One former Cowboys great will take his team seven days a week!

Ask Daryl Johnston and he will tell you that no team was better than the one he played for in 1992.  Not even the recent Patriots teams can match the talent they had (via Jeff Cavanaugh).

“Moose Johnston tells us Tom Brady can pick his best of his Super Bowl winning teams, Moose will take his 1992 Cowboys, and the Cowboys will win.”

That 1992 Cowboys team was a very special one.  They could beat you many ways on both sides of the ball.  They had a great ground game led by Emmitt Smith and his offensive line.  If you had success stopping them, you had to contend with Troy Aikman and his many options in the passing game.

If the game turned out to be a defensive struggle, that ’92 team could do that as well.  Led by a group of future Hall-of-Famers, that defense was just as dominate as their offensive teammates.  Ken Norton led the team in tackles with 120.  Jim Jeffcoat would lead the team in sacks (10.5), but they also had Charles Haley on that squad as well.  Dallas was loaded on the backend of that defense as well.

Yes, Tom Brady might be the best quarterback to play the game, but that ’92 Cowboys roster was loaded up and down the list.  It would be fun to see some of the All-Time great teams play a tournament for the right to be called the best team ever.  Someone pull out the time machine and get this 16-team tournament going.

Where does the 1992 Cowboys team rank on your list of All-Time great football teams? 

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