With 3 Suspensions And Now Injury To Crawford, What Does This Mean For Dallas D-Line?

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys might have a major problem, at least to start the year.

The Cowboys have the schedule that can help absorb the losses at defensive end early!

With the recent injury to Tyrone Crawford during Tuesday’s practice in training camp, the Cowboys might have a major problem on their hands.  The Cowboys have already lost three more defensive ends to suspension to start the year.  Randy Gregory for the entire season, David Irving for the first four games, and Damontre Moore for the first two games.  To say the injury came at an inconvenient time is an understatement.

Luckily the Cowboys have four very mediocre quarterbacks to start the season.  They will play home games against the Giants (week one) and Los Angeles Rams (week four).  Between the two home games, the Cowboys have back to back road games in Denver and Arizona.

Dallas will need all hands on deck for the quarterback’s coming up later in the season!

The Cowboys will need to find a pass rush quickly after that with Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Philip Rivers, Derek Carr, and Russell Wilson all later in the year.  Luckily for this team, the Cowboys should have Irving and Moore back for these games.

If this injury to Crawford is serious, the Cowboys could indeed be out four pass rushers at defensive end.  The first four games will be an uphill battle for this defense.  It will be a battle that the young secondary might have more pressure put on them than they wanted, but they should be up to the challenge.

With the young secondary in Dallas, they may be better off later in the season because of this.  Outside of the Giants, the Cowboys don’t see a premier passing attack in those four games that Irving and Moore will miss.  Denver has untrustworthy play at the quarterback position, as do the Rams with Jared Goff.  As for the Cardinals, their quarterback is well beyond his best years.  The secondary can gain confidence early in season.  That confidence will grow when the pass rushers return later in the season.

What are your thoughts for this defense with the losses up front on the defensive line?

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