Anthony Hitchens Return To Cowboys Seems Less Likely As The Days Move Along

Dallas Cowboys

Tough decisions will be a common theme this off-season in Dallas.

When it comes to this upcoming off-season, the Dallas Cowboys have some big decisions to make.  Many of which will come via free agents, as well as a contract issue with Dez Bryant.

Of the free agents, Dallas likely can’t sign all of them, especially is Dez is not willing to take a pay cut!

DeMarcus Lawrence is the key free agent for this football team this off-season, but don’t overlook Anthony Hitchens.  Hitchens is a player that the Cowboys need to bring back but might be forced to lose him due to money and their lack of funds for free agents.

It appears that Stephen Jones might be preparing himself to see Hitchens walk this off-season.  It won’t be that they don’t want him back, but more about the puzzle Dallas is putting together this off-season (via 247 Sports).

“First of all, Anthony Hitchens, I can’t say enough good things about him,” Jones said. “He’s one of those guys who is available. You can count on him. He understands this game is a tough game. He put himself in harm’s way out there when a lot of players wouldn’t do it. He’s the type of guy you want on your football team. At the same time, we all know he’s not the ‘quote, unquote’ Pro Bowl football player. He’s not the guy who’s getting all the accolades but he’s the type of guy you want on your football team so it does make it hard.”

“That’s going to be one we certainly don’t want to get out of here,” Jones said of Hitchens. “But we certainly have to understand this is one big puzzle that we have to put together.”

With the defensive leader out of the lineup, Hitchens showed what he can bring!

He filled in as a leader with Sean Lee out of the lineup and became a co-leader at times for this defense.  This is something that another team will benefit from, but only if the Cowboys can’t get the deal done.

Don’t count out Jerry Jones to bring back Hitchens. Although it does sound like it will be difficult to do so.  The free agent need list will be Lawrence first (maybe even second and third).  That will be followed by Zack Martin, if they can get the deal done this year.  That puts Hitchens kind of on the back burner for this team, but by no means should be put there.

It will be a mistake to lose Hitchens, but it appears that is a real possibility!

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