Brandon Carr Just Sent A Strong Message To Aaron Rodgers

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have been practicing for this weekend for a while now.

When Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers come to town, the Dallas Cowboys are going to have to defend all of the football field to get the victory.  When you talk about having to defend every inch of the football field is not an understatement.  When you talk about Rodgers, you know one thing that is going to come up, the Hail Mary play.

Rodgers has been very successful with that play during his career, especially over the last couple years.  He completed yet another one last weekend against the New York Giants in the wild card weekend slate of football games.  A play that every defense has begun to practice against on a regular basis.

Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr told the Star-Telegram that they have been working on it quite a bit in practice lately.

It’s a jump ball,” cornerback Brandon Carr said, via Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  “It’s a free for all.  It’s a do-whatever-you-can to not let those guys catch the ball.”

It’s amazing that Rodgers can complete this pass in the first place on how difficult it is to do so, but when you add in that football teams are practicing this regularly, it makes it that more difficult.  Maybe it’s true what they say about the Packers quarterback, he’s truly a magician.

Carr continued to talk about how to defend it.

“Got to box out,” Carr said.  “Got to put a body on a body.  Just comes to discipline on that play.  One jumper.  Everybody else is boxing their man out.”

Per Pro Football Talk, Claiborne said that they practice against this play on a regular basis.  They work on this play pretty much daily.

“Believe it or not, we work on it pretty much every day,” cornerback Morris Claiborne said.

If the ball goes up in the air at the end of the half or end of the game, you never can settle your nerves or assume anything with Rodgers.  He has the ability to get the ball to the end zone, which is the first step.  After the ball arrives to the end zone, the Packers have the play makers to go get the ball.  This won’t happen this weekend in Dallas, but then again, most teams that have played the Packers have said that same thing.

Just stay with your assignment and don’t try to make the play, KNOCK IT DOWN!

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