BREAKING: Decision Is In….Injunction Has Been Denied

Dallas Cowboys

The saga that is the Ezekiel Elliott continues, but it appears that it might be over.

The decision has come in!

The ruling has come in regarding Elliott’s looking for an injunction.  The three-judge panel has denied it (via Ian Rapoport).

“The 2nd circuit has ruled.  Zeke Elliott’s motion for an injunction was denied.”

This is horrible news as it looks like Elliott will again start his six-game suspension.  Last week, he was allowed to play against the Kansas City Chiefs at the last second.  Friday, Elliott was allowed a stay to play in the game, while he waits for this three-judge panel.

The Cowboys will now look to a group of Alfred Morris, Darren McFadden, and Rod Smith, to take overt the running back duties in Zeke’s absence.  Morris was listed as the starter last week, so he will most likely get the same nod this Sunday in Atlanta.

With the way this entire thing has gone, I am just numb on this.  I don’t know if this means it will be over and Elliott will have another fight in him.  Or if Elliott will now be gone until week 16, hopefully pushing this team into the playoffs at that time.

Frustration continues to surround the Cowboys and their fans, but by no means is this a nail in the Cowboys season.  Look for Dak Prescott to increase his leadership on this offense, with the passing game being a little more involved during this time.

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