Brice Butler Called Out Dez Bryant And His Play In 2017

Dallas Cowboys

Brice Butler doesn’t lack the confidence to be a star in this league.

When it comes to making plays, Butler knows he can get the job done.  The stats don’t match how much confidence he has in his game, but that has a lot to do with his coaching staff.

During the 2017 season, the Cowboys had a tough time getting things going.  That was greatly seen during the six-game suspension, especially with the passing game.  Most of the blame has been aimed at Dak Prescott, but he isn’t he lone party to blame.  The receivers didn’t help his out at all times.  His coaching staff didn’t help him out much either.

Second on the team in yards per catch, Butler didn’t get the snaps he deserved!

Butler trailed just James Hanna, who averaged 22 yards, but only on four catches.  Butler averaged 21.1 yards per catch and was the Cowboys best deep threat in the passing game.  However, he only had 15 receptions in 2017 on a mere 24 targets.

As Butler enters free agency, he would like to be a Cowboy, but also wants to make sure he gets a shot at starting.  That is something Brice said he should have done this past year, or at the least gotten more opportunities.

In an interview on Undisputed, Butler threw a little shade towards fellow wide receiver Dez Bryant.

“I think in this league, when you think about the business aspect, you gotta follow the money trail. Both of our starters made money, Terrance just got paid last year, there were times last year when I was thinking ‘I’m making plays, why aren’t I on the field?'”

When it comes to confidence, Brice has plenty to go around.  Later in the interview, Butler continued to say that he took this year as a year to control what he can.

“That’s one thing that I tried to focus on.  Controlling what Brice Butler has to do.”

Butler would also say that things would have to change if he were to continue to play in Dallas.  He wouldn’t say directly that Dez has to be gone in 2018 for him to return.  However, he didn’t say he would return with Dez back either.

Would you like to see Butler back in 2018?  

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