What Can The Cowboys Expect From The Schedule Release

Dallas Cowboys

We can officially begin to break down the upcoming football season as the Dallas Cowboys continue to improve the team.

With the schedule out, the first thing we look for is when the Cowboys bye week will be.  It’s not an ideal bye week as it comes near the beginning of the year in week six, but at least it isn’t earlier than that.  The next thing we do is break the schedule up in quarters and make sure the Cowboys can win each quarter and get into the party come January.

The Cowboys might have one of the toughest schedules in the league and if they are to be contenders this season, they would have earned it.  The season begins like it has the last couple years with a matchup against their hated rivals in New York, we will continue to see the entertainment of Odell Beckham Jr vs Dez Bryant as each try to get the better of the other in terms of stats.  As long as the Cowboys can go 2-2 in these first four games, they will be fine.  They have matchups at Denver and Arizona as well, with the first quarter closing with the Rams at AT&T Stadium.  I see the Cowboys going 2-2 and we start to hear the haters coming out early like usual.

The second quarter of the season will go better than the first as Dallas has a matchup with Green Bay in Dallas and road games at San Francisco and Washington, followed by a home game against the Chiefs.  This is the part of the season that the Cowboys shut up the doubters as the team goes 4-0 to head to the halfway point at 6-2.

To start the second half of the Cowboys come in on a high note with five straight victories with the offense clicking on all cylinders.  It will be needed as they head to the NFC champs home in Atlanta, followed by three straight home games.  Dallas loses at Atlanta and sweeps the following three home games, giving the Cowboys their second straight winning quarter.

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The Cowboys close out the season with three of four on the road and this will be a crucial part of the season as they will be fighting for the NFC title.  I think it will come down to that final game in Philadelphia for the title and the Cowboys will win the game and the East.  It won’t be a pretty closing of the season, but the Cowboys get in and give the team a shot at Super Bowl 52.

I have the Cowboys finishing the season with a 10-6, even with a 1-3 record to close the season out.  They might go into the playoffs on a down note, but it won’t be because of confidence.  Dallas will and should be considered one of the front runners to get to Super Bowl 52.

Do you think the Cowboys have a tough road or will that make them better in the long run?

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