Can Dez Bryant Return To His Dominate Form?

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are hoping to duplicate the chemistry on the football field with two key pieces on this team.

When it came to chemistry, Dez Bryant and Tony Romo had a good amount of it on the football field.  Between the 2012 and 2014 season, Bryant was considered one of the game’s premier options at wide receiver.  He had 88+ receptions, 1200+ receiving yards, and double digit touchdowns in each of those three seasons.  Over the past two seasons, Bryant has not reached any of those numbers combining the two years.

Injuries have been a big part of the reason why he has not hit those numbers, Bryant has missed a total of 10 games over the past two years.  He also is trying to gain the chemistry with his young quarterback Dak Prescott, hoping that he can match that which he had with Romo throughout his career.

Per, Bryant carries one of the biggest contracts for this football team, he has a cap hit of $17 million in 2017.  His average pay spread of his contract is $14 million, tied for fourth among wide receivers with Denver Broncos Demaryius Thomas.  The top three are Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown, Cincinnati’s A.J. Green, and Atlanta’s Julio Jones.

For the money that Bryant is demanding right now, his numbers and impact in the game needs to be much better and larger than what he has carried in the past two seasons.  Granted a big part of his lack of impact and numbers is that he has suffered injuries over the past couple years, but he needs to get back to the dominating ways that we saw in 2012-2014.

Last season, Bryant showed glimpses of his old style throughout the season with a couple 100+ receiving yard games, along with a pair of two touchdown games in 2017.  However, it was the divisional round playoff game that showed what the next couple years could be like with Prescott and Bryant.  The duo shred the Packers defense for the tune of nine receptions for 132 yards and a pair of scores on 12 targets.

Bryant doesn’t need to score twice a game every week, but the double-digit targets need to be a normality for the big wide receiver.  For the Cowboys to be near the level they feel they can be in 2017, Dez needs to get back to near 100 receptions, 1200+ yards, and 12+ touchdowns.

If Dez gets back to his old way of dominating opposing cornerbacks and secondary’s, this offense will be near impossible to stop!

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