What Can We Truly Expect Out Of Charles Tapper In 2017?

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are hoping that their defense can make the same turn this year, that the offense did in 2016.

Just like the offense in Dallas, the defense will be decided upon by the guys up front on the line.  When it comes to offenses, the Cowboys are one of the better units in the league.  They have a nice core group of skill players in Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, and Dez Bryant just to name a few.  However, no matter how talented that group is, they wouldn’t be the players they are if not for the guys up front on the offensive line.

Dallas is hoping that they can finally get the play maker, or “War Daddy” as Jerry Jones calls it, from someone along the defensive line.  Will that come from rookie Taco Charlton, second-year pro Charles Tapper, or once thought of elite talent DeMarcus Lawrence?  Only time will tell, but the Cowboys seem to feel they have that player on this roster somewhere along the front four.

Per profootballspot.com, after spending all of last season on the injured list Tapper is looking to make his much-anticipated impact this season.  He has athleticism that this team needs, something that has been vacant since the loss of DeMarcus Ware.

Tapper talked about what it’s like to play for the Cowboys and going up against the best line in all of football.

“That’s why we’re all here, and we come here for a reason and that’s competing against the best offensive line in the world.  Around here, they say I\f you’re quicker than everybody, show us.  If you say you’re an athlete and you’re going to be athletic, show us.  At the end of the day, I just want to give coach Marinelli a hard decision to make.”

Talking about the line in Dallas, that is something that not only will make them better, it will make players like Tapper better as well.  When you go up against the likes of Tyron Smith on regular basis, or inside against Travis Frederick or Zack Martin, you have two choices, get better or fall out of the rotation.  These guys are not going to take it easy on you just because it’s just practice and you’re a teammate.

Coming out of college, I thought the Cowboys got a steal with Tapper in the fourth round.  The injury may have delayed his debut, but it won’t keep him out of this league.  I think Tapper is going to be the play maker that this defense desperately needs up front.  With the idea of Tapper on the end, and rookie Charlton inside on the same side, Dallas might have a scary duo to deal with for the future.

Do you feel Tapper is the War Daddy, or is it someone else along the defensive line in Dallas?

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