Charles Haley Not Impressed With The Rookie Season Of Taco Charlton

Dallas Cowboys

The rookie season of Taco Charlton didn’t go as planned for both the Dallas Cowboys.

When the Cowboys used their first-round pick on the Michigan edge rusher, they drafted for need.  They also passed on fan favorite T.J. Watt, a player that excited many Cowboys fans when he was still there at the Cowboys pick.

Passing up on the talented pass rusher out of Wisconsin proved to be a mistake.  Watt had a great rookie season in Pittsburgh, while Charlton struggled from day one at the pro level.

The struggles were seen by many, both fans and former players!

Charles Haley knows what it takes to be successful as a pass rusher.  He also knows what pressures come with playing in Dallas and the expectations that are demanded out of you.  Haley might have started out nicely with Charlton’s rookie season, but he would end questioning his love of the game (via Blogging the Boys).

The former Cowboys great talked about how Charlton would start out slow as a rookie, but he would eventually begin to show signs late in the season.  He also talked about how Charlton is much like any other rookie, he may have put too much on himself.

It’s what Haley would later say that makes you wonder as a fan of this team.  Haley questioned Taco’s love of the game.  His initial impression of Charlton was that he didn’t know if the rookie enjoyed playing the game.  Haley questioned if maybe the rookie was just gifted to get where he was.  Haley couldn’t believe the lack of football knowledge that Taco had.

If this is the case, we have a big issue with the scouting of the Cowboys.  Using a top pick on someone that knows little about the game proved to be a mistake.  If he can’t turn this around, Charlton might be one of the biggest busts in Dallas history.  That becomes more of a bust if Watt proves to be the star that he seemed to be as a rookie.

What are your views of Charlton?  Do you believe he will turn it around? 

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