Is Chaz Green The Answer At RT?

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys find themselves in dangerous territory. They had needed help on defense before they lost seven people in free agency—now they really need help. But with Ronald Leary cashing in via free agency and Doug Free retiring the team now needs help on the offensive line. Or do they…

La’el Collins will take over the open guard spot, but it is not clear what they will do with the hole at right tackle. With little cap room to speak of, the team will not likely fill the void through free agency. With all the defensive needs, it is unlikely they draft an offensive line before the late rounds. That leaves going with what they have.

According to the depth chart on the team’s ESPN page, that means the job will go to Chaz Green (he’s playing left tackle in the video).

Green was a third-round pick in 2015 out of Florida. Many considered taking him when they did a waste since he was rated as a fifth or sixth-round pick by most analysts. He had injury issues throughout his career in college including his entire junior season. But the biggest knock on him had to be what was said about his run blocking.

He was a poor base blocker in the run game. For the Cowboys, run blocking is kind of necessary.

Green has played and even made a couple starts for Smith last season when he was injured. But then a familiar problem surfaced—he became injured again. He ended up finishing last season on injured reserve.

It is not hard to imagine him starting training camp as the No. 1 right tackle simply because he’s been on the roster. But with his injury history, the Cowboys better be ready to have someone ready to step in at some point during the season.

Otherwise, Ezekiel Elliot will not be eating up nearly as many yards as he did last season.

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