Chaz Green Takes Blame On Sunday’s Loss

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys turned to Chaz Green with the injury to their All-Pro offensive tackle.

With Tyron Smith out of the lineup with a groin and back injury, the Cowboys looked to their young offensive lineman, Chaz Green.  The start that he had wasn’t the one that he envisioned or would have liked to turn out.

Green was bullied by Atlanta Falcons defensive end, Adrian Clayborn.  He finished the afternoon with six sacks, after coming into the game with only two.  Most of those sacks came at the hand of Green, therefore, forcing the team to make a move in game with Byron Bell.

The Cowboys won’t point fingers in the loss, but Green knows that he didn’t get the job done on Sunday!

For his play on Sunday, Green knows that there are plenty of things to work on (via

“I mean, it’s unfortunate,” Green said, via ESPN’s Vaughn McClure. “You have some good days. You have some bad days. This obviously wasn’t my best day. I take this on my shoulders and look at myself in the mirror. Just need to fix the things I need to fix. I’m going to get it fixed.”

As a true leader, Dak Prescott didn’t point any fingers, but outside, it’s hard to look at the stats and see different.  The Cowboys win as a team, as well as lose as one too.

“We’re not going to leave somebody out to dry, for the most part,” Prescott said. “We’re not going to point fingers and say it’s Chaz. It’s whatever it is. We’ll go back and look. I probably could have gotten the ball out faster sometimes. We’ll go back and look at it and get better from it.”

It’s easy to point the finger from the outside looking in, but we are not the ones in game making the calls.  With that said, I think the coaching staff deserves a big piece of the blame for Sunday’s loss in Atlanta.

Were there signs early on during the week that Dallas overlooked?

You would assume that there were problems seen during practice last week.  If not, we definitely saw them in the game on Sunday.  Dallas needed to give their young tackle help somehow.  Whether that is by chipping Clayborn with a running back, or by keeping a tight end next to him to contain him on the outside.  Another fix could have been to run directly at Clayborn.  By doing so, you keep him on his toes and he can’t pin his ears back and go after Prescott.

Elliott’s absence will be felt greatly, but it may not be the biggest loss on offense.  The biggest loss might turn out to be Tyron Smith, if he is forced to miss a substantial amount of time.

Did the Falcons expose a major problem, or will the Cowboys get back to winning this weekend?

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