Cole Beasley Comes To His QB’s Defense

Dallas Cowboys

With the Philadelphia Eagles coming to town, you know it will be an intense week.

One of the biggest rivalries in sports will pick up again as the Dallas Cowboys will host the Philadelphia Eagles.  With a victory on Sunday night, the Cowboys can silence all the talk surrounding this negative talk surrounding this team.

With the suspension to Ezekiel Elliott, the Cowboys received additional bad news this week.  Not only did they play the game without their All-Pro left tackle, Tyron Smith, the team also lost Sean Lee during the first quarter.  With those injuries, the Cowboys were down three All-Pros, therefore, being a tough hill to climb in Atlanta.

Cole Beasley won’t let anyone talk bad about his QB, especially those in Philadelphia!

Now as we head to a new week, the Cowboys are fighting another battle, one that involves a reporter in Philadelphia.  A battle that Cole Beasley is ready to take on and win.

After defending his QB on twitter, Beasley took it to Philadelphia fans, and honestly anyone that got in his way.  They just felt the need to pour salt in the wound, and Beasley wasn’t going to go for it.

Beasley defended his QB, when Howard Eskin (Philadelphia radio), said that Dak Prescott wasn’t special.  Beasley simply said, “Dak is that dude.”

Beasley said he didn’t know the guy was from Philly and really didn’t care either (via Beasley’s twitter.

“I didn’t know the dude was from philly.  Don’t care honestly.  Nobody is about to discredit my quarterback who has done nothin but ball since he stepped through the door.”

This is so true.  Football is a team sport and you win as a team, just as you lose as one.  This game wasn’t lost because of the play of one player, or because of one play.  The Falcons were the better team on Sunday, but that by no means makes the Cowboys a bad team.  Nor does it mean they won’t make the playoffs.

Time to get back on track and prove all the doubters wrong on Sunday night!

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