Cole Beasley To Increase His Role With Zeke Suspended

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys won’t change what they do on offense, it will be just reworked a little.

During the first half of the 2017 season, Cole Beasley’s role with this football team has changed.  He hasn’t been used as that security blanket over the middle of the field like he had been throughout his career.  Beasley has still been effective this year, but more of a red zone target than anything else.

Beasley is well off his career best numbers from a year ago!

On pace for 44 receptions for about 350 yards this year, Beasley needs to be more involved in this passing game.  Those numbers are well off what he put up last year in a breakout season.  He finished 2016 with 75 receptions for 833 yards and five touchdowns.  Those were career numbers in both receptions and yards, but what happened this year?  He hasn’t lost a step, it’s just what the offense needed out of their slot receiver so far.

He has been much more of a red zone target than anything else.  Moving forward, Beasley might be asked to go back to that role of a receiver to move the chains over the middle of the field.

Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension will increase the workload of Beasley in the slot!

With Ezekiel Elliott out of the lineup for the next six weeks, Dallas will likely look to Beasley in more of his old role moving forward.  Dak Prescott will more than likely be asked to carry more of a workload.  Whether it’s with his arm or legs, Dak will be leaned on for his leadership on the field more.  He won’t be asked to throw the ball 50 times a game, but he will be asked to throw a little more, along with continuing to use his legs to get those important first downs.

Beasley was phenomenal a year ago as he was used as the security blanket for his young QB.  That might be the case again moving forward as the middle of the field will be a key spot that this offense will get those important yards.

The touchdown numbers are still there, Beasley is on pace to beat that number by a good amount.  He had four in the first half of the season.  However, this team must find ways to get him more involved between the 20’s as well.  Beasley has too much talent to save inside the 20-yard lines.

Is it time to finally unleash Beasley?

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