Cowboys Are Creating A Championship Way In Dallas With Past Couple Drafts

Dallas Cowboys

It’s the Super Bowl or bust when you enter the beginning of training camp.

The Dallas Cowboys are a very different football team than most in this league.  The winning tradition of this team has been built inside this organization for decades.  When the Cowboys enter the new season, and begin their Organized Team Activities, training camp, and eventually the opening weekend of the NFL season, they have one thing on their mind when you talk about what will be a success.  It’s Super Bowl or bust and nothing less than a trip to and winning the Super Bowl is considered a failure.  However, the realistic part of that slogan might not have been there over the last decade plus.

Per, the Cowboys have a new facility in “The Star”, along with a new attitude and culture inside the locker room in Dallas.  The front office has been busy over the last couple years putting this team together and getting back to the winning ways of the past.

A piece here and a piece there has made this team into a contender, along with using the New England Patriots way of thinking up top.  Don’t overpay for your players and hurt your team elsewhere.  The Patriots have been known to let the star player leave, even in their prime.  Some may think it’s crazy to let a star walk, but the Patriots have made a winning tradition out of doing it over the last decade plus.  This is what the Cowboys look to be doing inside their organization.

This past year, we saw plenty of impact players walk in free agency, but with depth this team had, they could afford to let some walk.  They also realize that they can let the “name” players walk and get the same production out of the draft.  The pass defense last season was below average, as a matter of fact, it was near the bottom.  That showed this team that they could let four key members walk in free agency and not pay top dollar for the position.  They used the draft to fill those needs and should get, at minimum, similar production, if not better in 2017.

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When you think of dynasty’s, one of the first team’s you think of is that of the 1990’s Cowboy teams.  That dynasty team had an offense led by Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin.  They also had a defense that could get pressure on the quarterback and handle their own on the football field.

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Move to 2017 and we see an offense in Dallas led by Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, and Dez Bryant.  The trio on offense has the ability to match that of the 1990’s version, the biggest question now is how will this defense hold up and make their case to support a Championship run?  With the last couple drafts, Dallas is on the right path and now it’s just a matter of putting it on the field and having the success.

This football team has the shot at not one, but multiple Super Bowls over the next decade!

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