The Cowboys Defense Has A Secret Weapon That Hasn’t Played One Snap This Year

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have gotten the most out of their defense this season and hope the success continues in the postseason.

Heading into the 2016 season, there was not many people on the Dallas Cowboys defense.  With DeMarcus Lawrence, Randy Gregory, and Rolando McClain all suspended for at least the first four games, many wondered how this defense would hold up during the season and if they would be the handicap to this offense in the end.  We found out early that McClain wouldn’t be here at all and later in the season we found out that Gregory wouldn’t be here much either.

It hasn’t been a phenomenal season for the Cowboys defense, but they have played very well at times and has gotten better as the season has moved forward.  The biggest credit that needs to be handed out is to defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli.  He has gotten this defense to play together despite injuries and suspensions.  Not too many people thought this defense would hold up playing at the level that they were to start, but as the season moved along they got better and better.

It all starts with how this team moves to the football, it’s all 11 to the ball.  Just like you are taught early in your career as a youth, you move to the ball in many types of drills.  That is what the Cowboys do on most downs in the game.  You see one player miss a tackle, but you have 9-10 other guys ready to make the tackle for his teammate.

In a play, earlier in the season against the Packers, the team that the Cowboys play this weekend, you see all 11 players move towards the ball on a 5-yard hitch pass.  The crazy thing is at the end of the play, you see eight players near the tackle.

All 11 players on the field must commit to the scheme that Marinelli has put together and that is exactly what is happening in Dallas.  There might not be the star player like you see in Von Miller, J.J. Watt, or Khalil Mack, but what this team has is 11 players on this defense that will do whatever it takes for this team to win football games.  They are all in for their defensive coordinator and teammates.

All 11 players on this defense must dig deep and play the best they have to get the victory on Sunday afternoon!

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