Cowboys And Dez Bryant Will Meet Soon On What Future Holds

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys will soon be sitting down with their star wide receiver.

It isn’t a matter of if the Cowboys will be sitting down with Dez Bryant and his current contract.  It’s just a matter of when it will happen.

According to Pro Football Talk, Dez is looking to make $12.5 million this season, with a cap hit of $16.5 million for the team in 2018.  That is money the Cowboys can use for some of their key free agents in 2018.  Players like DeMarcus Lawrence and Anthony Hitchens will be looking for a new contract.  Lawrence will be signed to the franchise tag, but Hitchens is unsure of his future with this football team.

Dez could help that future be in Dallas, but will he agree to a pay cut?

Bryant has said since day one that he will not take a pay cut.  However, he might change his mind, if he is given an option of stay in Dallas or leave in 2018.  It isn’t out of the ordinary to see players finish their careers with another team.  Even some of he greats this sport has seen, has played their career out of were they played most of it.

Stephen Jones might be preparing himself and this team for life without Dez.  Some of the recent comments can be viewed as a possible split with Dez and the Cowboys.

“Well, it’s difficult,” Jones said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “That’s the hard part about our business. That’s the way Jerry is. The way I am. You do get attached to these men. All amazing people that lay it on the line for the Cowboys, our fans, and no one respects them more than we do.

“When these times come, whether it’s Troy, whether it’s Emmitt, whether it’s Michael, when that time finally gets there it’s a difficult decision. You’ve see the press conferences when Troy retires or Michael retires, it’s a lot of emotion. And not to say Dez is at that point but all these decisions are very difficult, especially with great players who’ve done so much for our organization.”

Future in Dallas is not guaranteed for Dez!

With the money that Dez is set to make in 2018, it is unlikely the Cowboys will pay that amount.  Add the fact that Dez has not been the same player and it becomes even more likely to not happen.  Bryant has been given advice by former players about what he should do.  All the talk won’t guarantee that he will take the pay cut, only Dez can make that decision.

Do you think Dallas will be better with or without Dez on the roster?

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