Cowboys Donate Money To The Earthquake Fund For Mexico CIty

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are no stranger to helping those in need.

There are many things that Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones is known for.  One of which is his willingness to help those in need, especially in the form of a natural disaster.

When a earthquake hit Mexico, the Cowboys stepped up!

During the middle of September, the19th to be exact, central Mexico suffered a massive earthquake.  It reached 7.1-magnitude and CNN noted that at least 216 people died in Mexico City and the states of Puebla, Mexico, and Morelos (via Bleacher Report).

This was the second massive earthquake to be felt by Mexico City.  A couple weeks earlier, Mexico’s southern coast felt an 8.1-magnitude earthquake.  It was also felt in Guatemala.

Teams in the NFL have stepped up to help those in need, including our own Dallas Cowboys.  Jerry Jones and his Cowboys have donated $50 million to the Salvation Army to help its relief efforts in Mexico City.

The NFL also saw the Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots, and the NFL Foundation donate $200,000 to Fundacion Banorte.

It’s times like this that those that can help, should.  People in the area need the help, and the league is stepping up to help in ways they can.

The state of Texas remembers well what happened in Houston and how superstar JJ Watt stepped up to help out.  Watt helped raise millions of dollars to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.  They are still feeling that hurricane, but they also know how great JJ was and is as he helped out the way he could.

Thank you, Mr. Jones, for being the man you are and helping those that need it!

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