Cowboys Fans Are About To Get The Revenge They’ve Been Waiting For

Dallas Cowboys

With the Seahawks victory on Saturday and Green Bay’s win on Sunday, the Cowboys play a team that no one wanted to play.

The Seattle Seahawks did what they needed to on Saturday night to move forward in the playoffs.  They will take on the Atlanta Falcons in the divisional round of the playoffs.  This game had a lot of interest in it by the Dallas Cowboys and their fans.  With this game, it would determine who the Cowboys opponent would be during the divisional round.

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The Cowboys will now face the Green Bay Packers in the divisional round.  Both the Giants and Packers would have had their own strengths that could give the Cowboys fits, but Dallas has the ultimate card to play in the game no matter who came out the winner, Ezekiel Elliott.  Elliott gives the Cowboys the advantage no matter who would have come out on top Sunday afternoon.  The Packers have the worst defense of the two, but Green Bay might have a much better offense.  If the Giants would have won, it would have been lower scoring, but with Green Bay getting the win, Dallas will need to put up points, something that they are more than capable of doing.

Both the Giants and Packers have their own reasons for why they were the worst match-up for the Cowboys, but did it really matter?  The Cowboys are one of the better teams in running the clock down and moving the chains with their offensive line and both Dak Prescott and Elliott behind them.  Prescott is a very mobile quarterback that limits the mistakes in a game.

The Giants would have probably been the better match-up for the Cowboys as crazy as it sounds, but no one on this team really cares who they play, they just want to get out there and back to work.    As long as the Cowboys come out and play their style of football, it wouldn’t have mattered who came out on top Sunday afternoon.  Part of me wanted to see the Giants so Dallas can give them payback at a much more crucial time, but beating Aaron Rodgers will work too.

Who did you want as the opponent for the Cowboys for divisional round weekend?  Did it really matter in your opinion?

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