The Cowboys Game Plan For Sunday Revealed, This Is Our Year

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys will have their hands full on Sunday afternoon, but if they stick to the same game plan that has gotten them this far, they will be just fine.

The Dallas Cowboys are sitting at 13-3 and have the top seed in the NFC for the playoffs, but some still consider them the underdog this weekend.  The Cowboys take on the red hot Green Bay Packers that have followed suit when their star quarterback Aaron Rodgers said they would run the table to end the year and get in the playoffs.  That is exactly what they have done, while also watching their quarterback play possibly his best football of his career.

During the seven game, winning streak to end the season and the wild card weekend, Rodgers has thrown a total of ZERO interceptions, while also throwing 18 total touchdowns (rushing for another one).  To say that Rodgers has been on fire is an understatement.

With all that said, the Cowboys have the perfect recipe to beat the Packers and end this nice little run they are currently on.  It all begins with their rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott, he is the true difference maker in this game.  It’s not just because he is one of the best players in the league, it’s because he can keep Rodgers on the sideline as he continues to move the chains.

This has been a major advantage for this football team all season long, moving the chains and keeping the clock running.  With the Cowboys, able to do this for most of the season, they could limit the damage opposing offenses have been able to do.  The Cowboys have a decent defense, but in no means, should they be confused with being great and lack true play makers over there, but this offense allows them to look better than they are.

If the Packers do what some expect them to do and score plenty of points, the Cowboys do have the team to win a shootout if it comes down to that.  With the play of Dak Prescott, the Cowboys are more than happy and comfortable if he must throw the ball 45-50 times.  With Cole Beasley, Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, and Terrance Williams on the outside, Prescott has plenty of options to turn to in the passing game.

It wouldn’t be ideal to get into a shootout with Rodgers and the Packers, but if that type of game ends up being the outcome, the Cowboys are more than capable of winning it.  However, the best game plan for the Cowboys is the same one that has seen them get to this position, pounding the rock with Elliott.  Give this kid the ball 30+ times and watch the magic unfold for the Cowboys on Sunday night.

No matter how the outcome unfolds on Sunday, the Cowboys are primed for a great day with Elliott and Prescott as their leaders!

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