Cowboys Just Got SHOCKING News From Scott Linehan, I Didn’t Expect This…

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are rolling with a couple of rookies leading the football team.

With the Dallas Cowboys earning the top spot in the NFC and having one of the younger teams in this league, it’s no wonder that the rest of the league has a big interest in their offensive coordinator.  The mind behind the Cowboys offense, offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, has been a popular name thrown out there when it comes to head coaching positions.

With Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott leading this team behind one of the best offensive lines, Linehan has been working with one of the best offenses in the league.  However, with success comes plenty of pressure, do you leave a spot with the Cowboy, a team that looks to be set for years to come, or does he make the move to become a head coach in the league?  You would think it would be easy, you get in this position with the ultimate goal of being a head coach in this league, but that also brings much more pressure as well.

Linehan has tasted life as a head coach and it didn’t go so well, he was the head coach for 2 full years and a quarter of a year in St Louis with the Rams.  From 2006 thru the first four games of 2008, Linehan was the man in charge for the Rams, but went 11-25 in that time.  He then was hired to run the offense with the Detroit Lions in 2009 before eventually landed here in Dallas in 2014.

Linehan has no interest right now to get back in the head coaching saddle, but is that due to the fact that he has plenty of work to do in his current job this year?  The offers have yet to pour in for the Cowboys offensive coordinator, but even if they were to start pouring in, Linehan has little interest right now to get back into the head coaching position.

Linehan sat down with Cowboys insider, Mike Fisher to discuss the possibility of becoming a head coach.

“Nothing there,’’ Linehan told Fisher while eating lunch at The Star in Frisco. “Hey, we’re preparing for the friggin’ playoffs!’’

He also talked about how success brings more responsibility in the NFL.

“I don’t know if that’s true,” he stated about his availability as a head coaching option.  “But if that’s true, it’s all related to the fact that we’re having success this year.  It’s because of how our kids have played as a football team and what happens to people if they get probably more credit than they deserve when that happens, and when you’re not doing well you probably get more blame.  Thad’s just the way the world works.  That just means we’re having success as a football team and that’s a good thing.”

The coaching staff probably doesn’t get as much credit as they should when it comes to the success in a season, like the one that we are seeing in Dallas.  However, they probably also don’t deserve the amount of criticism that they get in losing situations as well.  There isn’t really a medium when it comes to handing out the awards (good and bad) for success and failure.

This year in Dallas, the Cowboys should have plenty of compliments to go around.  Without Linehan, the likes of Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott may not be having the success they are.  That goes the same way with Linehan too, without his rookie duo, he likely wouldn’t be brought up in coaching conversations.

Whatever happens with Linehan, he deserves every bit of it, but selfishly, I hope he stays here in Dallas for years to come!

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