Cowboys Look To Make 2018 Season More Dak Friendly

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are all-in when it comes to their starting quarterback.

Dak Prescott may have struggled at times in 2017, but that doesn’t mean this team isn’t behind him.  They trust him as the starting quarterback and so do I.

Prescott may have taken a step backwards during his second season, but that is common for players in their sophomore season.  It also didn’t help him that he was forced to play six games without his All-Pro running back.  Ezekiel Elliott was forced to serve his six games suspension during a crucial part of the season.  During that span is when we saw those struggles really begin to take place.

The entire offense didn’t play up to the Cowboys standards!

It goes on everyone on this football team, not just the quarterback.  Prescott didn’t get help from his receivers as they dropped plenty of passes throughout the season.  The coaching staff also had their part in this season’s struggles, therefore, making this off-season an important one.

Stephen Jones told 105.3 The Fan that this team is going to make this a more Dak-friendly football team (via Jon Machota).

“Everybody here is all-in in terms of their belief that Dak can be a great player in this league and will be.”

Dez Bryant isn’t the #1 option anymore for the Cowboys, but they are paying him like he is.  I know Jerry Jones said that he wants Bryant to be part of this team still, but Dez also said he won’t take a pay cut.  The only way Dez is back on this team in my eyes, is if he does take that pay cut.  Dallas needs salary cap relief to sign free agents to help this team, including their own like DeMarcus Lawrence.  Dez must change his mind on that, especially if he truly wants this team to contend for a title.

Dallas is only a few players away from being back in the playoffs, and back at being considered one of the favorites to come out of the NFC.  Those players will come via the draft.  Dallas needs a #1 wide receiver, linebacker depth, and depth at left tackle.  Those are the three key spots Dallas must address come April’s draft.

What would you like to see Dallas do to help Prescott get back to the player we know he is?

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