The Cowboys Might Be Wise To Sign Dez To An Extension

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys must find a way to make additional room in their salary cap this off-season.

Dez Bryant is a player that has a lot to say on how this off-season goes.  He is due to make huge money this year, but has not lived up to this current contract.  Players play for contracts and during the 2012-2014 football seasons, Dez earned this contract.  Over the last three seasons, Dez has not played near that level and fans and teams live in the now.  It’s all about what have you done for me lately.

Jerry Jones has hinted that he will not be getting rid of his All-Pro wide receiver, and that is probably a smart move.  Bryant isn’t the same player he was in his prime, but he is still a match-up nightmare and makes this offense better on the field.  Teams still must account for the best jump ball player in the league, taking away a player down in the box to stop this ground game.

Dallas has a few options that make sense to this football team.  Any of the options make sense, but its up to Jerry Jones to decide what to do.

  • Stand pat and let Dez finish off his current contract.
  • Force Dez to take a pay cut, allowing Dallas to sign additional players.
  • Release him and find a new #1 option.
  • Extend his current contract to make it more cap friendly for this football team.

As nice as the middle two would be for the Cowboys to gain cap space, those are very unlikely to happen.  Dez has made it clear that he will not take a pay cut and has earned his current salary.  The Cowboys have also made it clear that they will not cut their top wide receiver.

That leaves Dallas with a pair of options this upcoming off-season!

They can either let him play out his contract and find money elsewhere, but that doesn’t make sense to me.  I think the best move is to bite the bullet and extend this contract for a few more years.  By doing so Dallas would be able to receive some additional cap space this season.

Dez knows that he can still play at the highest level.  Players like Dez will not say they lost a step or lost the “elite” level he once carried.  Therefore, the new contract could be loaded with some incentive goals that can put his salary up there, if he can reach those goals that he says he can still reach.  It gives a player like Dez a little more push on Sunday’s.

The perfect plan would be…

  • Sign Dez to an extension thru the 2022-23 season.  Make the contract appetizing for both the Cowboys and Bryant with added incentives.
  • Use a high draft pick on a Z wide receiver, maybe as high as the first-round (Calvin Ridley).
  • Take Dez, Dak, and your newest WR and force the trio to eat, sleep, and train together.  Okay force is a wrong word, have the trio spend some quality time on the football field getting that chemistry together.
  • Witness Dez returning to that All-Pro level of play.
  • Raise the Lombardi trophy over their head come February 2019.

What would you do with Dez moving forward?

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