Cowboys MUST Draft A WR In Round 5 Or 6

Dallas Cowboys

Call me crazy, but defense isn’t the only need on this football team heading into the 2017 football season.

When it comes to big play receivers, no one is bigger than that of Dez Bryant.  He is big, physical, and an athletic freak on the football field.  When out of the game, you can tell the Dallas Cowboys can use his play making ability.  The loss of Tony Romo in 2015 wasn’t the only major loss for this offense, they also saw their star wide receiver miss a sizable chunk of that season as well.  That proved to be a big deal as the team had to rely on Terrance Williams as the number one option, that is something that he simply isn’t capable of being.  Williams is a fine number two or three option, but is not a top option at any point.

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With the Cowboys, not able to grab one of the top tier free agents during free agency, they had to bring back Terrance Williams and Brice Butler.  Both players are fine options as the second or third wide receiver, but what happens when you have to rely on one or both for a crucial role in this offense?  I don’t think the Cowboys can withstand a Bryant injury if it would come in 2017, something that has happened in each of the last two seasons.

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Over the last two years, Bryant has missed a total of nine games, three last year and another six in 2015.  On the field, Bryant is one of the best players in the game, but what is the backup plan if he misses an extended amount of time?  You never want to go into a season talking about “what if”, but this team is championship ready.  Dallas needs to make sure that they have a player they can trust to do similar things that Bryant can do on offense.

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This draft has decent depth at wide receiver and as soon as the Cowboys fill the need of edge rusher, safety, and cornerback, they need to go wide receiver.  I would like to see this team go after a big wide receiver in the fifth or sixth round next weekend.

Bryant is going to come out and have his best season yet as a Cowboy, but they need to have the depth for the “just in case” scenario!

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