Cowboys Not Giving Up On Taco Charlton, Ready To See The Story Unfold

Dallas Cowboys

Following draft day, some fans minds were made up on Taco Charlton.

When the Dallas Cowboys selected Charlton in the first-round in the 2017 NFL draft, many fans were upset about the decision.  It wasn’t that the Cowboys used that first-round pick on an edge rusher, it’s more about who they passed up on to take Charlton.

T.J. Watt was a fan favorite entering the 2017 NFL draft!

With Watt available when the Cowboys were on the clock, fans had hoped he would be the name called by Dallas.  That pick went to Charlton and fans were not happy about it.  Charlton suddenly had many eyes on him, demanding immediate success.  When struggle came early instead of that success, fans were pointed to that pick.

Those struggles came early in training camp as he was unable to win the one-on-one battles during practice.  The struggles continued into the season as he looked lost at times.  As Charlton struggled in Dallas, Watt was having success with his team in Pittsburgh.  All of that just added into the frustration of the fans in Dallas.

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The season would get better for Charlton as it moved along, but he knows he needs to get better rusher (via ESPN).

“I would say keep the same anger. If you hated me then, keep on hating me,” Charlton said in the final week of the regular season. “I’m going to continue to strive to get there. Don’t become a fan now. I’m a person that who you see today is not who you’ll see tomorrow. I’m going to continue to get better and be a great player in this league.”

The stats as a rookie don’t jump off the board at you, but that doesn’t mean he is a bust!

Many rookies struggle to adjust to the NFL game.  It’s how he will handle the frustrations of his rookie season moving forward that will mold him.  He can either build on this and be better for it, or he can watch himself fall out of this league before his career even begins.

Jason Garrett believes he will learn from it and be a better player moving forward.

“I thought he got better as the year went on, started to make some impact plays, sacking the quarterback, making some plays sideline to sideline,” coach Jason Garrett said of Charlton. “He’ll continue to grow. He’s in a good environment with the veteran players at that position and the coaching that he gets there. So he has to reflect back on this year and build on some of the good stuff and certainly continue to grow in a lot of different ways.”

I don’t know if Charlton will live up to that first-round pick.  That doesn’t mean he won’t have success in this league.  The thing about him is that he will be viewed with Watt his entire career because of the fans love of Watt.  That is what will bring him down if he can’t be a star.

This league is all about what have you done for me lately?  It’s also about the success of a player, no matter how many years that player has played.  Charlton didn’t start out strong and that will frustrate fans.

I say give him time.  If he doesn’t show progress in year two, then we can panic on him.  However, right now, he is just a young player learning the game.

Will Charlton improve on his rookie season?

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